COVID-19 (Novel Corona Virus) spread and subsequent Lockdown have impacted all ongoing exams and pending exams. This has created panic and confusion among aspirants. To help them receive all official updates about exams we have this small initiative. This website is dedicated to all the aspirants. Don't loose hope keep preparing. All the best!

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Our Aim is to enable smooth and barrier less study Environment for all the aspirants who want to pursue their dream of becoming civil servants or establishing themselves in public sector.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the use of this site?

Ans: Dear Aspirants,

Due to the spread of Covid-19 (Novel Corona Virus) and subsequent Lockdown, the government and semi government exams have been impacted on their schedule and processes. Some popular media and websites are not aware about examination patterns and processes in depth as a result they are spreading non authenticated and non official information about these exams. This has generated a wave of panic and confusion among aspirants. Hence this site is dedicated to help government and semi government job aspirants by provide official notification and alerts about exams/jobs .

If any change happens in exams process will inform you exact official changes as it is and without delay on your personal emails and/or mobile numbers.

Q2.  How this site is different than others?

Other sites by nature want to sell their products and advertise by bombarding mails to you. Here we are committed not to advertise us but use it as a social cause and want to guide our youth in proper direction.

Q3. What i need do to get exact official information and its meaning in simple language personally?

Just fill the form “Exams/Job you appeared or Appearing for” on home page and submit. That’s it!

Q4. Do i need to pay for this?


No, it’s totally FREE!